1- HSSE Performance

At INTERSHIP we ensure that all our operations are conducted with adequate Health, Safety, Security, Environmental (HSSE) systems and practices. The Company utilizes internal and external auditors to confirm compliance with HSSE Requirements.

Our operations team firmly monitors HSSE performance for all contractors and suppliers. Periodic audits are conducted from time to time by our HSSE and operations teams to verify suppliers and contractors progress toward meeting HSSE requirements.


2- Management Systems

Our corporate sustainability management systems defines and measures our sustainability impacts, engages our business partners in a dialogue around our shared goals, implements programs and communicates our progress to our partners of success.

With the implementation of an integrated safety, environmental and quality management system, INTERSHIP is documenting the fact that the company attaches great importance to the quality and environmental compatibility of its services, as well as to the safety of human life

As early as 1999, INTERSHIP was one of the first leading Egyptian marine service providers to be certified with the ISO 9001 quality standard. The implementation of the quality management system ensures that there is no standstill in the high quality we offer. We constantly work on improvements to meet changing requirements, now and in the future. This is achieved by formulating and reviewing quality targets annually.


3- Compliance

INTERSHIP as a diversified and integrated business is confronted with an ever growing complexity in terms of applicable legislation and regulation. In order to ensure all applicable laws and regulations are adhered to we have established a compliance organization and developed a compliance management system.

The compliance organization, being neutral and independent from the operational structure of INTERSHIP, is mainly set up for the prevention of misconduct.

In essence, compliance is at the heart of everything we do and it is firmly anchored at all our organizational levels.


4- Corporate Social Responsibility

At INTERSHIP we believe that social responsibility and good business ethics are the foundations upon which we should run our company.

We take great pleasure in assuming social responsibility through a broadly diversified portfolio of interesting training opportunities, the establishment of an extensive health management system, and the further education of our employees.

Our aim is to create some sustainable improvement for people and their quality of life in the places we operate.