Other Agency Services

INTERSHIP also offers to its principals, ship owners & managers extensive services both at very competitive rates and in a top reliable accurate manner.
  • The range of services we provide includes but not limited to:-
– Cash To Master
– Forwarding of Documents
– Supply of bunkers & lube oil
– Ship’s Maintenance and Repairs
– Technical Services & Support
– Cargo loading/discharging
– Oversized Cargo Handling
– Stevedoring Activities
– Vessel & Cargo Surveys
– Marine Surveyors and Technical Consultants
– Waste & Sludge Removal
– Marine Air Ticketing
– Cruise Lines Port Agency & Tour Excursions
– Integrated Container Services
– International Freight Forwarding
– Salvage Agency
– Slops Recovery
– Ship’s Maintenance and Repairs
– STS Operations
– Towage Operations
  •  We are continually upgrading our services to ensure the best quality at all times as well as modernizing our agency capabilities.