• “To be recognized as the most practical, effective and influential maritime service provider in the region”

Mission Statement

  • INTERSHIP mission is to be the most successful maritime service provider at delivering the best customer experience in our markets”


  • In the pursuit of our mission, the following general objectives have been determined:
  • INTERSHIP to do everything in its power to implement its customers’ specifications as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • INTERSHIP to direct all its means and resources towards activities and services that provide most benefit to its customers.
  • INTERSHIP to provide a premium service to its customers through the provision of quality information, advice and documentation and effective communication and actions.
  • INTERSHIP to maintain the most comprehensive and reliable sources of information on daily business transactions together with all operational matters.
  • INTERSHIP to provide and, on an on-going basis, enhance the quality and range of services provided to its customers.
  • INTERSHIP shall continue to maintain contact with relevant parties and players within the industry in order to seek a prime position on matters of topical importance to its customers.
  • INTERSHIP to facilitate communication with its customers through the application of an effective IT and the utilization of its solid knowledge base.
  • INTERSHIP to establish and regularly update an overall business development strategy and shall through marketing and sales campaigns strive to enhance its objectives, aims and activities.
  • INTERSHIP to encourage team spirit as well as the enhancement and further development of staff competences, provide a safe and stimulating work environment and generally conduct its business in observance of principles of corporate governance.